Picture Window

Pictures windows are the most basic and easy to install when it comes to window designs. As the name implies, this window style creates a portrait-like space on  walls. It should look like a piece of art hanging on the wall from the inside and out, if it is installed in the right home with the right layout. The advantage of picture windows over some other styles is that they don’t open,  they can fit into any home style and they are cheaper to install. Homeowners who love natural light like to install picture windows because they bring in the most obtainable light.

Casement Window

Though a casement window looks like a picture window, it actually opens. Most casement windows open outward and so, have a handle used to slowly open the window. The other types of casement windows can be pushed open.

They are very easy to clean as most homeowners choose to do this simple project themselves. Some others choose to hire professionals to clean it for them.

O'Fallon, MO window replacement

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Hung Window

Hung window is one of the most popular window styles where the window slides vertically. Some homeowners choose the single hung windows, where only the bottom can be adjusted, while some spend extra to go with double hung windows.

Because they don’t take up any exterior or interior space while closed or opened, hung windows are mostly used in smaller rooms, such as a hallway or bathrooms and they can be installed in any vinyl or wood setting.

Slider Window

Slider windows and hung windows are similar in both simplicity and popularity but slider windows usually have one side that opens in a single, but it can also be updated to a double. Most homeowners choose sliding windows because they are easy to open when compared to others and they provide good air circulation to the room. Like a hung window, slider windows are also good for smaller rooms or areas that you do not want to obstruct.

Awning Window

Awning windows, like picture and hung windows, look just exactly as it sounds. They are attached at the top and open outward. The awning protects the open area so that no snow or rain can leak into the home. They are great in bathrooms and can easily be opened using a handle or crank. For additional protection, screens can be added to awning windows.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are the best when it comes to designs. They are composed of three (in bay), four (in bow), or more windows that are adjoined at equal angles which  gives a unique curve to the home. They are used in bigger spaces that can be viewed from the outside. Therefore,  this type of window is popular for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

For more detailed read on the type of replacement windows, read through the link above, an article recommended by an O’Fallon, MO window replacement expert.