Kitchen Color Trends 2017

If you wonder what colors and the color trends that will dominate the scene? Or which will be the most up to date materials, compositions or shapes? Or what the direction of kitchen development and design will be according to leading designers and brands? Then all the answers are coming. After accessing lots of different St.Louis kitchen of our clients,  here are our analysis.

What are the best colors for kitchen cabinets this season?

Those of you who like cool colors in your environment can easily go for Tawny color, Ecuador Yellow or Blue, which we recommend combining with a second neutral monochromatic decor palette of white, through gray spectrum and up to the end of dark graphite or black extreme. In the coming season, the popular kitchen colors will be bright, but with a softer edge.

Although the vital color schemes will be sufficiently present during the period from 2016 to 2017. The victorious come back of the dark decor in the interior design will in no doubt reflect on the choice color schemes fashion of the future kitchen. Worthy of note for the next period will be the introduction of color combinations of light and monochromatic tones and the decreased use of sets and wood coatings that will be applied only unostentatiously.

Black is the new white

A true Wow! Black is becoming the new color trend for kitchen cabinets. This has such an untraditional and unique vision that easily become a focal point of any kitchen design. In fact, the unthinkable thought (until recently) an all-black kitchen is fast becoming a fashion. Made of course, typically for the spirit of contemporary design and style.

Gray kitchen sophistication and elegance

If you are not a fan of dark moody colors or other extremity. There is always the Golden middle. The chic classy shades of gray. They never go out of fashion and are very practical. – In a gray backyard, even very simple décors stand out and look quite expensive. The gray kitchen is a modern trend that combines well with a second color or even as one option, especially when the texture of the material is like stone or concrete.

Are the white kitchen designs still a trend?

Yes, white will remain on the fashion scene for a longer time, but because of its well entertained and explored nature will not be enough by itself. To increase the attractiveness of a white kitchen will entail the inclusion of additional bright colors, geometric shapes and stripes for beefing up the composition. But keep in mind that the white is aiming for well-earned retreat from its position in fashion trends.