Creating a Basement Bedroom

If you are running short of space in your home, it may be time to take a peek into the basement. Chances are, this normally underutilized room is not living up to its full potentials. It could be converted into an additional bedroom.

If you plan to convert your basement into an extra bedroom, these tips shared by a St. Louis basement contractor can help.


The last thing you want is a noisy or chilly bedroom. Spend a little more and add a good wall insulation. After a good night of sleep, you would know that you have spent your money wisely.

Add Visual Height

 Unfinished ceilings can also help to add height to a room, especially when it’s painted with a dark color. Paint the ceiling dark and finish the rest of the room as you normally would. This kind of ceiling works with a variety of aesthetics, and the unfinished effect makes it look or feel higher than a typical fall or drywall style would.

Configure your Layout Wisely

Place the bed against an interior wall in the bedroom. The temperatures of exterior walls are always changing, which means that your bed will be cold in winter and perhaps hot during the summer, if your basement is below the level. Do what you can to leave enough space in an insulated inner wall to the bed.

Choose a Warm Wall Color

The lower levels are often short of natural light, so replace the effect of the sun with a warm color, golden wall color. Colors like melon, gold, orange and pumpkin are great wall colors for bedrooms in the basement. They exude warmth in all lighting conditions and literally shine when the lights are on.

Go for Luxury

Create a welcome bedroom retreat by investing in luxury bedding. Thick down-filled duvets and pillows, pillowcases, and fitted bed skirt will raise the room from the lower level to the top end.