Kitchen Color Ideas for Small Kitchens

Never undermine the power of great paint colors for small kitchens! Instead of a total overhaul, simply painting the kitchen walls and cabinets can provide the lift needed to update and open the boundaries of a small kitchen.

Many people know that light colors create the impression of space, which is especially beneficial for a kitchen that is cramped. Traditionally white painted walls not only lighten and brighten a room walls, but also keep a visual simplicity and consistency that works to keep your little kitchen living big.

For variety, explore the many facets of your neutral tone by bringing in selected complementary shades. For example, the mixture of white shades, creams and mole may add warmth, depth, and sophistication to a small kitchen.

Another tip that is important in painting a kitchen space that is tight is to determine your design style before choosing a shade. For transitional or traditional-style rooms, your whites should be warmer, while contemporary or modern style spaces require whiter whites.

If you are bored with your completely white kitchen, make it lively by adding a dose of light or bright color. Popular shades are shades of blue, dark green to dark cerulean for some coastal flair. The sunny yellow and green mint are commonly used to measure the vintage. Of course, choose your favorite to show your personality to the color of the visual impact. Or choose a shade that complements the colors used throughout the house, especially in the case of an adjoining room. You will want to choose these bursts of color strategically, so there is still an air of moderation in your small space. For example, simply paint the center island, inside your cabinets or a single accent wall for the ultimate moment. The three ideas are fun and tone in harmony with your room, without minimizing the feeling of space in your small kitchen.

Do you still feel bordered? Go all in with deep shades of black, navy blue, green, blue and even red to deliver the important drama to your favorite room in the house. However, consider setting deep colors contrasting with white or light counters. For greater insight and choice, click through the link above that was recommended by a St. Louis kitchen remodeling professional.