Cleaning the roof of your home is one the effective ways to improve curb appeal and also keep your property safe from algae and mold. Either you wash leaves and dirt off your roof routinely or you are planning a major cleaning project, these are a few suggestions that you can use told keep yourself safe and your property cleaner.

How to clean the roof thoroughly

To clean the roof properly, it should take a few hours. If you want to perform the task yourself, make sure you devote enough attention and time to every step. Here are some basic steps to take as highlighted by a painter in St. Peters, MO;

Safety first

Before you start, put on a safety gear and check out the roof area. Look out for any problematic footing such as sharp corners or an uneven shingle before getting the surface wet. Make sure the ladder is secure against the house and also that the roof is not sagging too much under your weight.

Obvious problems and dirts should be removed

Before spraying a cleaning chemical on your roof, you will have to remove leafs and any other large pieces of debris. Use a leaf blower or broom to sweep away the debris and remove anything that might collect water. You can use a small brush to remove moss.

Use sprayer for application

Mix up the cleaning fluids you’ve decided on and pour in a hand-pump spraying device. Spray the material on the roof and cover the entire roof area to prevent discoloration. After this, leave it for about 10 minutes as this gives the chemical cleaner time to kill mold and algae.

Wash the Surface

After the chemical mixture has had enough time to set, it is time to begin washing the roof. Use a hose or any low-pressure piece of equipment instead of a high-pressure wash option for asphalt tiles. If you will be scrubbing with a soft brush, make sure you clean each shingle while the surface is wet.

Avoid working on sunny days because if certain areas dry ahead of others, it could create discoloration or some other problems. It is a good idea to work with a  team as it may be too hard to keep a large area watered down and perform the necessary washing or scrubbing tasks by yourself. If you have big roof and you don’t have enough people to help you,  it is advisable to call in the professionals.

Washing away the debris

After washing the necessary areas, it is wise to use a hose to go over the surface again with a to ensure you didn’t miss anything.