Best Colors for Basement Bedroom

When adding drywall to an unfinished basement, or when adorning your basement in preparation for a home sale, the question: what paint colors should you choose? Arises. When painting, basements are often approached as special cases, as they often have low ceilings and lack natural light. While this is often true, intuitive tactics to paint every room a light color is not always the best solution. Learning how to choose paint colors for your basement remodeling requires an examination of what makes particular paint colors stand out in the given lighting configurations.

Choosing paint colors

Lean towards rich, deeply saturated paint colors

It is a common misconception that dark rooms should be painted with light colors. In fact, light colors need a lot of light to achieve their potential. Otherwise, they tend to be monotonous, boring and even dirty. The best way to counter the low light levels in a basement is painting it with rich deep hues. Paint colors in the basement do not necessarily need to be dark, but must be richly saturated. On that note, a deeply saturated, medium toned turquoise will very often perform better than a dark toned gray paint.

Paint your basement with lighter colors in areas that receive a lot of light

The more light a room receives, the better the paint looks regardless of the color. This gives you more options in rooms that are bright. Near windows and the rooms with a lot of electricity, you can use off-white or whites and rich colors or dark tones.

Pick the right sheen

The choice of the appropriate sheen or brightness is an important part of choosing your basement paint. The type of brightness can determine how light is reflected on the walls when painted (a particularly important consideration for a basement), how visible imperfections on the walls are, and how easy it will be to keep the space clean. If your basement is wet and tends to be affected by mold, choose a satin paint finish. These types of paints can withstand moisture better than other types.

Coordinate colors with existing materials

The current finishing your basement has will somehow determine what colors you should paint the space. For example, if you have brick walls, you might consider painting the wall that is adjacent to a cool, refreshing mint color such as blue or pale green. For rooms with finished drywall and carpet, richer colors would be more appropriate.